Get on the path to a new car today.

Top Notch Legal Minds

Everyone on our team is an extremely experienced trial attorney with a wealth of legal knowledge battling large corporate automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers. Over 30+ years of experience.

Our Experience Matters

We’ve had so many successful cases that were turned down by other law firms who didn’t have the experience to spot the minute issues that made all the difference. You can count on our attention to detail.

An Actual Attorney Will Review Your Potential Case

Other lemon law firms have smooth taking phone operators, or at the very best, paralegals that take your initial call. Not us. Not ever. The first and only person you’ll ever speak with will be a licensed attorney with a wealth of lemon law experience.


Lemon Bought Back without Lawsuit


We strive to keep your life as stress free as possible. This means if we can get your lemon bought back without filing a lawsuit, that’s what we’ll do!

Lemon Bought Back Right After Suit Filed


Sometimes just the filing of the lawsuit will make a car manufacturer offer to buy back your lemon. The best part is, they pay your attorney fees. It doesn’t come out of your buy back amount.

We Don’t and
Won’t Stop


We will fight tooth and nail to get you justice and out of your lemon. We have the experience and resources to take your case to trial if that is what it takes.

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